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Kim's Blog

Kim's Blog

February 20th, 2011

New new new

A new website, a new album, and a new documentary…… hard to believe that it is all about to launch. My manager said she wouldn’t let any of it be released into the world until I did a blog!! Poor thing, she has had to plead with me to write blogs for years. I have been very neglectful of the online world the past year, partly because I was working on my record, partly because I never seem to find the time, and partly because any free time I do find is filled with Harry Potter books, monopoly games, swimming lessons, and play dates. 7 and 5 year olds are busy busy!!!!

A few years ago, I wasn’t sure I would ever sing again. I took a break and realized in that time how much I missed it. I realized how blessed I was to have been given a voice, and I knew I wanted to use it again. Sometimes in your life you have to step away from something in order to come back to it. An interviewer the other day, asked me why I had chosen a record of Newfoundland songs as my “Re-launch” record. (That in itself sounded odd, “re-launch”?) I guess in a way it is. I told him that this is the record I have wanted to make since I first started singing, and you must do what you love. So, in these pre-release days I am excited, a little nervous and also filled with enormous gratitude that the Universe conspired to make “Back to the Water” a reality.